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Hello guys,
I have doubts regarding intune,

1.Is intune only for manage mobile devices ?

2.If we assign Intune licence to windows 10 machine, consider I have Already sccm environment, what are the advantages,I get by adding intune  to device over sccm ??

If we want to install only particular update(kb******)in client machines, can we do that with intune ?? updates : I have seen some videos who are pushing windows updates through intune ?what’s the difference between intune patching and sccm patching for windows 10 devices.

4. Can we also push applications thorough intune, just like sccm ??

5. We have less mobile devices to manage, do we really need intune ??

6.what about licences ? Do we need to purchase client licences for each device which manage Intune? What might be the cost ?

7.what else we can do with intune when managing windows 10 devices ?

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