Hi ,
My doubt may be silly but please bear with me …

Do we need a Subscription from Azure to manage devices in Intune…

I do not think so but just wanna make sure if im right

Thank you

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    Hi Sathosh,
    As Anoop mentioned, Azure AD not equal to Azure.
    For example, as you can see from the trial of Office 365, there are users including admins, right?
    This means that users are created on Azure AD in the background. So is Intune. Users are created in the tenant when the device is registered. This also means there are users in Azure AD.

    I think you’re confused by the Intune item in the Azure portal, but Azure is a huge collection of cloud solutions.
    The part that makes virtual machines easy to understand is.
    Azure AD is the authentication infrastructure that manages users within it.
    So Azure AD is created when you get a tenant.
    So when you try Intune, you are only entitled to use Azure AD for managing users and Groups in Azure and a device management solution called Intune.
    A subscription is required for the first time to use other Azure solutions. (There is also a trial version that can be used for one month)


      Im not sure where i mentioned AAD is equal to Azure..Please let me know if i have ,so that i can correct that statement.

      Im aware that Intune is tightly integrated with AAD.



        What is Azure ?
        It includes IaaS (VMs), PaaS, SaaS (azure ad, Intune)

        What is azure ad?
        Cloud Modern authentication system … saas solution

        Azure is not equal to Azure ad


    Tq sir, i watched that video and I believe no Azure subscription was used.
    So can i conclude that no Azure subscription is required for implementing Intune ?


    Yes im following up with Anoop sirs class but the issue is only when i try to implement things in my lab i get doubts , i do not get doubt while the class is being taught …

    So may I expect an answer please ..



      Hello – I already provided answer above.

      Also, as you can see in the video

      – You can see how to take the trial version of Intune using the above link
      – Once you have Intune trial version, you take EMS E3 license from Azure AD – License

      Does that make sense?


    Hi Santhosh,

    Anoop giving free training sessions for Intune management

    this is answer all your questions

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