Intunes Autopilot not Joining AAD Automatically


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I need one clarification for Intunes/Autopilot Suppose if I am adding one device with hardware hash to Intunes during my Image deployment process, once the deployment finishes using MDT my device should automatically be added to Intunes with AAD but it’s not happening, If I am doing this manual by going to “Access work or School” option Click on connect and adding AAD credentials and then it’s showing AAD joined.

However, the Intunes windows enrollment profile I used clearly mentioned AAD

Deployment mode: User-Driven

Join to Azure AD as Azure AD joined


Can you please let me know why this automation is not happening when the image deployed?

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    Dear Jitesh,

    My Customer has shared the WIM file and using MDT I have prepared the Offline media and deployed using the same.
    And using MDT I have not enabled any task its default option only see the attached screenshot for the same.


    Hello Rajneesh, Could you please let us know how you doing with the task sequence, Steps added? What’s the final screen you getting once deployment finishes!

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