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Hi Sir,

This is Vinay im like 4months old into SCCM  , I was trying to setup a lab for intunes by watching the series you have started on youtube, i was able to get things upto the console overview, In the 4th class i could already see a device registered to azure active directory( which wasn’t covered in previous videos).And in the 5th or 6th class(i guess) were you started to register a WIN10 device to active directory .

Where is this Win10 Device deployed ? Could you please help so that i can also add a win10 device to proceed my learning.

Thank You


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    Hi Vinayponnuru,

    In Azure Active Directy you see devices that are Azure AD joined. This could be devices that you are not seeing in you Endpoint Manger Dashboard. Because these devices are not enrolled into Intune via Intune managed or Co-management via SCCM.

    You can sync your local devices into AzureAD with Azure AD Connect:

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