iOS App Protection Policy is causing Excel / PowerPoint App freeze when the application is managed by Intune


When the Microsoft Apps(like excel & power point) are managed by Intune – the apps are freezing irrespective of whether the device is managed by Intune or not. There are no changes done in Intune App Protection policy since past few months and the only visual change is Excel application got updated. so, I am assuming that the Excel App update is not working properly when it is managed by Intune.

We did create another test policy with similar settings and one modification “remove the restriction to copy paste ” and the applications are working seamlessly now even when they are managed by Intune and App Protection policy is applied. I would like to know if the issue is faced by anyone ?

issue started with Excel version 2.42

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  1. I have not seen this issue myself

    Better option is to work with Microsoft support to understand and troubleshooting the issue at a deep level from Intune server side

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