iOS update at no-Wi-Fi environment


What are you doing with Intune to update OS devices that can only connect with LTE?

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    The limitation on NW for iOS upgrade is iOS specification, so it depends on Apple. .
    Apple is gradually increasing the number of MDM functions, so stay tuned.
    Until the time when unlimited carriers’ networks can be used, I think that there is no answer for any MDM solution in the present state and give up at this point.
    So in this time, please close this question.

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    Yes. It utilizes a kiosk scenario, uses DEP, and is completely application-specific. I faced when I deployed about 2000 tablet that used for POS for a major restaurant. Initially, it was designed to connect to corporate Wi-Fi only at the time of update, but it was necessary to reconnect the tablet and label printer again, and it was later found that on-site in-store is not allowed. .

    For now, the version is iOS 12, so there’s no problem, but I’m having trouble depending on Intune’s device support. .


    I don’t have experience in this scenario.

    You are thinking about fully managed scenario?

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