iPhone 8 and iPhone 10 out of the game


Hi All,

iOS 17 has arrived. That makes the iPhone 8 and iPhone 10 out of the game.
How much do you micromanage iOS versions as a minimum requirement in your compliance policy?
iOS 16 is not out of date and still gets security updates as long as you remember to get the 16. x.x versions.
Every time there is a new fix for an exploit, do you adjust anything in your requirements ???

Posted by Jacob Engelmann Olsen in HTMD FB Group



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  1. Replied by Jacob Engelmann Olsen

    But iOS 17 is also at risk now unless you have 17.0.2, and 16 is also at risk unless you have 16.7. It´s a never-ending hunt, and users might get frustrated more than it benefits.

    Replied by Richard Barnes

    Uplift to the lowest supported iOS version. However, I understand filtering per Apple model is in development.

  2. Replied by Peter Cashen

    Only iPhones on the very latest version are supported around a week after release – when I say support if any device didn’t upgrade to iOS 17.0 within a few days after release, it is marked as non-compliant.
    We are quite ruthless.

    Replied by Rob Moir

    We support n and n-1 for major iOS & Android releases for as long as the manufacturer does.

    Replied by Walter Baymax Fraser

    This should be defined organisationally as a matter of dealing with vulnerabilities with an enforcement set on the agreed OS versions in an Intune compliance policy.

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