Is it Possible to Configure Email Signature through Intune?

Hi Guys
Is it possible to configure email signature through Intune?
Posted by Chetan Sharma in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Aida Sáiz

    Jakub Piesik and with this type of script, is it possible to configure the signatures with dynamic data?

    Replied by Dave Harris

    I’ve been on multiple calls with MS about this, they should have it as a standard feature.
    That said, I use exclaimer and then policies to block custom sigs from apps.
    Exclaimer works at the server level so you don’t have to configure each client for the user, much easier

    Replied by Michael Mardahl

    You can do signatures with Exchange Rules.
    But flexibility is missing.

    Many scripts exist as well.
    I would also suggest looking at Xink or CrossXware


    Replied by Matt Williams

    Not sure on the answer to this question but we’ve had good luck using Exclaimer to handle this for clients – as it’s a solution meant exactly for this

    Replied by Jakub Piesik

    Using custom scripts. Yes.

    Replied by Paweł Kondratowicz

    I like the word „share” xD the most used word on this group

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