Is there a policy in Intune that we can customise the device region and Display language as Uk langauge in windows 10 machines


We wish to make the default display language as Uk English but by default system language is set to Us English


Is there an policy that we can enforce to make it as the UK language


Please note we have installed the UK language in the machines, we wish but make Uk as default

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    I have missed the last part in that page earlier due to poor internet connectivity

    Thanks again for sharing


    Hi Anoop,


    I think this could be more helpful for me to set the package

    I’ll get back if I need assistance


    I think you missed this part from the blog

    Check out and run those PS commands in user context to change

    Best answer

    Hi Anoop,

    Thanks for your reply, We already have the package installed from Store for business which is the local experience host but when we see the display Language It’s still showing Us language as display Language(Default) but Uk is also listed in that drop down but it’s not made as default

    We wish to make Uk as a primary language as display Language

    Is there any policy that we can make this Uk as primary language and Us as a Secondary language


    Hello – I don’t think there is any of out of box solutions.

    But you can try the following options

    1. Microsoft Store for Bussiness – Intune Learn to Deploy Windows 10 Language Pack Step by Step –

    2. Using .CAB file –

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