Is there an easy way to see why a policy is not applying, or why it is not applying?


I have configured an SCEP Policy using Digicert cloud services, so I do not have an NDES connector, and configured as per their configuration guidelines. I did this at the start of last week and it was reviewed by Digicert engineers. The issue I have is that according to Intune the policy is still pending to be applied.

Intune does not give me much in terms of logs and I cannot find anything on the end point that tells me why it is not applying.

Where, which event log or Intune Log, can I find out why the policy is not applying?

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    Thanks Anoop, will have a look, but we do not have an NDES connector as we have nothing on premise and we are using Azure only deployment. So the SCEP connector is to Digicerts cloud NDES, or at least that is what I have been told

    • I don’t know about that cloud NDES. We have to trust vendors who provide this cloud NDES and if there is any issue, then you might directly need to work with them.

  1. You won’t get much details than this video by Joy on NDES live troubleshooting

    Let us know what is missing

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