Issue with some win 10 enrolled Devices the Users got Blocked on Azure by 2 CA one for MFA


Hi Guys … we experience an issue with some win 10 enrolled devices. The affected users have MFA active and the device is compliant in intune.

The issue is that when the users try to access office 365 from the ms edge browser which is the default browser then the users got blocked on azure by 2 CA one for MFA and

The second for compliant in spite of both conditions being in place and the affected users can access office fine by using chrome browser.

Any idea why this happens, please? I tried clear cache on Edge browser without luck

Posted by Sarmed Nazar in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Noel Fairclough

    And you get the same behavior in Edge whether it’s a normal mode or in-private? But on Google Chrome it works just fine?

    Replied by Sarmed Nazar

    Noel Fairclough yes it does not even work with edge private mode and it works fine with chrome

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