Laptop turns non compliance intermittently


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Recently we have enabled “antivirus” and “antimalware” option in compliance settings. Since then we have started noticing some devices turns to non compliance state whenever the reboot happens. After reboot the devices stays in non compliance state till the time we sync device or click on “check compliance”. When issue occurs users are not able to access corporate resources. This started increasing count now.

When we check in Intune console, the compliance is failed again “antivirus” with an error as – ” -2016345612 (Syncml(500): The recipient encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request) “.

If any advise and suggestion would be helpful.


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  1. the workaround that you can try in for now is “In-grace period” option for compliance settings. This will help you to avoid downtime of users.

    The next step to work with antivirus and anti malware team to fix the issue.

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