Lob app is not appearing in Company Portal when it made as required and it’s getting installed



We have deployed a Lob app for iOS devices and we made it as required and also the same ad group is given under available and it’s getting successfully installed but the application is not showing in the Company Portal


Can you let me what should we make the application to be appearing on Company Portal

We have made the app as Featured app

I am sure if we keep as Available alone will be appearing but we wish to make that as Mandatory application


Any suggestions?

Answers ( 3 )


    The group we used is a User group not a device group


    Hi Anoop,

    Sorry this is a iOS Lob app

    Initially we kept the app as required and we have found that the application is getting installed but not appearing on Company Portal

    Then we made the same group in available too even then the application is not appearing

    Any way that we can push as required application and the application is visible in Company Portal

  1. This is expected behavior as we discussed the HTMD Intune training episode?

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