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Hi team,

I am having an LOB application which having a pre-requisite of some application (1gb) and main application is lesser in size than pre-requisite application how we will handle this LOB deployment

In general in sccm if we have the above scenario SCCM will check for pre-requisite first and then it will install main application so that main application functionality will not effect

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    First of what you mean by lob application. In intune world lob app has different meaning.

    Do you mean an internal developed application?

    You need to use win32 app deployment time achieve this using intune.

    While uploading IntuneWin format you will get the option to call dependency app.

    Create the second application and deploy that to users … you can call dependency application from the second app

    Does this make sense

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      I mean single file .msi application (in house application built by organisation) or loose files packaged as .msi…Yeah got it thank you


    Hello Sriram, You can add the Dependencies! In order to do that Set the order as shown below –

    https://snipboard.io/aIn43i.jpg By Jan Ketil

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