LOB Application vs Windows App (Win32)


Hi Anoop,

First, let me thank you for wonderful videos of Intune for us. Due to my shift timing, I could not attend your live sessions but I am going through Youtube videos to perform Intune test and its working really great.

I have a question : When we deploy LOB application, it get deployed to Azure AD registered and Azure AD Joined devices. Whereas when we deploy Win32 application, it get deployed only to Azure AD Joined devices.

With this can I conclude that if I need to deploy any mandatory application that should go to all Azure AD registered and Azure AD Joined devices, I should select LOB as preferred method ?



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    Hello – Glad to know that the videos are helpful.

    Thank you much for your support.

    Yes, you are correct, the only option is the LOB app deployment method.

    Azure AD Registered devices can’t handle Win32 App deployment using Intune.

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