Login with AAD credential (Preview)



While creating new VM from Azure, I do not get an option like ‘Azure Active Directory – Login with AAD Credentials (preview) – on/off’


due to which i am unable to login with my Azure AD credential after Azure AD joined. Please suggest the steps to get the option enabled as well as i need to login the system with my Azure AD joined.

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    Jitesh already mentioned in the article we can take RDP of VM only from azure domain joined machine.

    I am also facing same issue after referring article issue got resolved.


    Yes I agree with Jitesh. And you use manual way for joining the windows 10 vm to join azure ad as we explained in intune training https://youtu.be/RFKVas6Wh34


      Thanks Jitesh, But i followed all the steps which i found from the URL which shared.

      but still it fails to login to the AAD device by using Azure AD user. Please confirm if anything i need to check further.

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