Manage Access to a Large Number of file Shares for Many Users from a Autopilot Computer


Hi All,

I could use some advice regarding file shares on on-prem which must be accessed from a Cloud Autopilot computer.
I’ve got it working via Kerberos cloud Key Trust and I’ve also created a profile and sent it out to some test computers and it works.
My question is simply what to do when I have 200 different file shares for 2000 users. I don’t want to create 200 ad groups and enroll people in them, there must be an easier way.
Yes, you could just ask users to manually create a net use shortcut, or access the drive via \fileshare until everyone comes over to share point, but what do I do in the meantime.

Posted by Jacob Engelmann Olsen in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Jacob Engelmann Olsen

    Yes but how do I in an easy and smart way automatically connect the files hares to the users without building new configuration policy for each share in Azure also.

    Replied by Tom Kristiansen

    Use AD groups and power shell

    Replied by Jacob Engelmann Olsen

    Tom Kristiansen explain more plz


    Fore More Details Configure Intune RBAC for Windows Autopilot Role

    Replied by Steven McKenzie

    How did you do it the old way when they were join to domain?

    Replied by Jacob Engelmann Olsen

    Steven McKenzie just normal GPO and ad groups with people included. Could do it also in azure but why create hundred of groups if file shares are to be stopped this year.

    Replied by Steven McKenzie

    Jacob Engelmann Olsen well if you got the groups already in as then just use same groups, the users are already in there ‍♂️

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