Managing apps which gets installed to User profile


How to manage Apps which gets installed to user’s profile instead of machine specific location e.g. Teams, Zoom ?
We are currently using Win32 app type to deploy apps. When we mark “Install Behavior” to User , app gets installed to User profile (i.e. Logged in User’s%Appdata% ) when User installs it via Company Portal.

Issue us when we are uninstalling the app via “Uninstall” assignment, uninstallation is getting triggered in SystemContext instead of user and due to same uninstallation is failing.

Is there any workaround to resolve to this issue ? Don’t want to use any script or activesetup to uninstall app from all the users as that is not feasible in client environment.

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Anoop,

    Apart from script which removes app for all user profiles, no any workaround is identified. We have raised case with MS to get more clarification. Will update once MS provides any resolution.

  1. This is very old problem …per machine install and uninstall options. I don’t know how this is handled from packaging perspective.

    Did you already got any tips on this point?

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