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Morning all,

I wanted to know what your thoughts are regarding mapping or migrating of logon scripts from on premise AD to Intune for Azure only joined devices.

We have successfully configured Azure only joined Autopilot profiles, but the question was asked, what about the legacy drives.

I found some articles, however our drive mappings are very complex, i think a number of organisations would have the same issue and the logon scripts are not only used for network drive mapping, so what would you suggest as an alternative to this?


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    Thanks Anoop,
    Yes we are looking at a split, Hybrid and Azure only deployments, but my manager asked me to have a look, maybe I dump a shortcut to the logon scripts on the desktop?

    I have a script, as you mentioned above, that checks first to see if the device can see an on premise DC before it executes, maybe I can modify that?

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  1. Most of the multi-geography organizations are very reluctant to move … hence I think it’s wise to take the baby steps with hybrid approach …

    Even though the devices are Azure AD join, you can have kerberos authetication..but you should have firewall ports open with on prem ADs… etc….


    In an ideal world we would have the data in the cloud, this customer is stubborn and use Confidential and Strictly Confidential as reasons not to move to cloud. We have been pushing for 3 years to migrate data to cloud.

    This organisation has been running Legacy AD for many years and have numerous scripts running, nested etc. and they appear to be very reluctant to move to the 21st century

  2. I have seen oraginzations using scehduled tasks for mapping the drives instead of logon scripts in the modern world …

    Hoping that all the data stored in map drives (file servers) will be moved to the cloud (OneDrive for Business or Azure Storage or some other cloud solution) in future.

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