Maximum number of Win32 apps on Free/Dev intune portal


Hi Team,

Currently we are using free intune account for verifying few of the flows in tool.


We do have more than 300 Win32 apps uploaded to the portal.

From today we started getti g below error when we are tryi g to upload any Win32 app to Intune manually as well as via PSScript.

Is there any limit in Free (or even in Production i.e. fully licensed) intune tenant ?


Tried to search on google but not able to fi d any document specifying the limit. can someone please provide reference/workaround/documentation around the limit ?

Raised ticket with MS but it will take few days to get it resolved.


Please note, even after deleting 50+ apps , the same error can be reproduced.

Error image is attached in post.

Below is the text of error we are getting:-

Save application failed. You cannot add additional apps because the maximum limit of apps has ben reached. Remove unneeded apps before adding additional apps.


Thank you in advance..





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    Hi Vineet, As confirmed by MS Intune team A trial subscription of Intune includes 2 gigabytes (GB) of cloud-based storage.

    A full subscription does not limit the total amount of storage space.

    More details :

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      Hi Jitesh,

      Thanks for the updates.

      We have received same updates from MS as well.

      As per the statement Dev tenant should not support 2gb+ size of apps. But in our dev tenant we have successfully uploaded 4gb+ size apps without any issues.

      Upon further analysis we found that Dev intune tenant doesn’t supports more than 500 apps (regardless of app size) ,if we upload 501th app, dev tenant doesn’t allows the same.
      We have provided these details to MS and awaiting further details from them.


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