MFA required for Windows Login


Hi All,

MFA required for Windows Login
Hi Team,
how do I create an MFA policy for Windows Login every time
Whenever the user Login Windows, the MFA must be prompt

Posted by Kusetty Palakondrayudu in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Christian Petrik

    Aadj devices? What have you tried so far to find a solution?

  2. Replied by BA E SA

    That is, for additional security purposes, you need to log in to a microsoft account and then add MFA to your account security setting.

    Replied by Sunny Dhaliwal

    That will piss a lot of people off, lol

    Replied by Papa Kash

    We use MFA for VPN login ONLY

  3. Replied by Simon Hardy

    Windows Hello for Business is both passwordless and technically MFA or look at FIDO2 or compatible smartcard devices. Otherwise, you are looking at 3rd party plugins to the Windows auth sub-system and the complexity that brings (not recommended)

    Replied by Peter Cashen

    Users already hate IT. What’s the requirement for this? Every user?

    Replied by Hikmat Kanaan

    It’s not supported by Windows to have MFA at login, you will need 3rd partying solution

  4. Replied by Steven Hosking

    Yeah, Windows Hello for Business satisfies the MFA requirements for most regulatory requirements.

    Replied by Steven Hosking

    I should also mention that shortly you’ll be able to set a CSP from Intune to disable failback to password for Windows auth. It’s currently available in the insider builds

    Replied by Micko Jeremia Castrén

    When Microsoft finished the Global Secure Access, they told in a QA session that passwordless MFA login would come to the Windows login experience.

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