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Hi All,

I’m confused with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and Managed by MDE and Managed by Intune 😫
To enrol on Intune, you need to enrol for device management.
To enrol Intune devices to MDE, you need to create an EDR policy and target users.
If you enrol an Intune-managed Win11 device to MDE, does it become MDE-managed now and stop being Intune-managed? How can I deploy configuration profiles if the device is MDE-managed?

Posted by Nathan Reyes in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Tijaun Daniel

    No, they will come up as intune-managed. MDE-managed devices are devices found that are managed (the user may have logged into it) and NOT in Intune

    Replied by Nathan Reyes

    Tijaun Daniel, how can a device be “managed” but not in Intune?
    I apologize for my stupid questions

    Replied by Tijaun Daniel

    Nathan Reyes In Defender, there is an option you set that says something along the lines of “allow defender to enroll devices it finds not managed by the console” If you deselect this option, only devices enrolled by the script and others will be enrolled and found.

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