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Hi All,

I’m migrating from Kaspersky Endpoint Security to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE).
The customer is saying that there’s an option in Kaspersky that they use to enforce the remediation of discovered vulnerabilities on endpoints through the Kaspersky console itself, like deploying a patch of Google Chrome/Adobe Acrobat or pushing the MS Windows Security updates.
He’s asking me to do the same through the MDE.
Can anyone please guide how to achieve this in MDE?
I already created Remediation activities for 2 vulnerabilities, but it is not working like in Kaspersky.

Posted by Anonymous member in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Lukas DeejayTechpro

    Not possible in MDE.
    I’ve never heard of that option in Kaspersky, though. Would that mean that’s an integrated (3rd party) Patch Management solution?!

    Replied by Umair Iqbal

    I guess you can use MS Vulnerability Manager and then use Windows updates rings and 3rd patch tool for patching

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