Microsoft Intune Integration with Service-Now for CMDB



We would like to integrate Microsoft Intune with Service-Now for CMDB. Currently we have SCCM integrated with Service-Now and currently we are Co-Managed environment. We are looking for standalone Intune and we no need to have a dependency on SCCM anymore.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.


Thank you!

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  1. I know there is no INtune GUI integration similar to SCCM + ServiceNow.

    The only supported and documented integration with ServiceNow and Intune are through two ways :

    1. If your Intune and SCCM are connected through Co-management and Cloud Attach… you can use the existing SCCM integration with ServiceNow for co-managed Intune clients as well.

    2. If you don’t have SCCM, then you need to use Intune integration with ServiceNow using Microsoft Graph API calls as explained

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