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Hi Experts,

As per the recent Microsoft Office ClickToRun Remote Code Execution | CVE-2022-22004 vulnerabilities it is mentioned that there is patch available to remediate.

Could you please suggest how we can patch office update ‘Microsoft Office 365 & Office 2013 ClickToRun’ with Intune.

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  1. I replied to your question in another thread I don’t think you will need do anything specific to get the monthly Office 365 patches to your Intune managed devices.

    It should be automatically updated using the Office 365 monthly update mechanism. You don’t have to do anything I assume.

    Make sure you have the following selected for Office updates and patching from any of the office application

    Updates are automatically downloaded and installed.

    You can also follow the steps to force the updates

    To test your policy, you can force the policy settings on the device. The following steps update the registry. As always, be careful when updating the registry.

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