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Hi All,

As we know, server 2012 r2 is eol but as per Microsoft, if the server is hosted in Azure, then the update will be available, but in my case, I can see only SSU, no monthly rollup.
Do we need to follow any other steps to get all the updates any suggestions?

Posted by  Amit Jha in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Steven M. Salter

    Amit Jha’s MSFT blog is wrong. Read my reply at the bottom of the blog in its comments.

    Replied by Amit Jha

    I think that is free, and no extra steps need to be taken

    Replied by Steven M. Salter

    Amit Jha, yah, not true Microsoft has messed up.…/highlight/true…

  2. Replied by Amit Jha

    Abhijit Agalawe in Azure Arc Azure server shows to enable ESU but not for Azure-hosted VM

    Replied by Abhijit Agalawe

    Amit Jha Not much exposure for the cloud side but for on-prem infrastructure, you need an ESU license, and it has to be installed.

    Replied by Amit Jha

    Abhijit Agalawe, that’s correct non azure servers need ESU, but azure server don’t need that. What is my understanding as per Microsoft blog

  3. Replied by Steven M. Salter

    No, it is not as through my efforts, I linked supercedence rules in the metadata for the preparation packages are actually wrong! You can go test, and it will install stand-alone even if you have October LCU installed already. Once you do, everything will start working.

    Replied by Abhijit Agalawe

    Kb5032249 / kb5032343 are rollups released for Win 2012.
    You do need esu key installed on clients to scan for these updates.

    Replied by Abhijit Agalawe

    Amit Jha ESU is not free, even if in azure. You have the option to use Azure Arc for activation.

    Replied by Amit Jha

    Abhijit Agalawe for azure server also?

  4. Replied by Steven M. Salter

    Amit Jha, yes. You need an ESU preparation package. No matter where the OS is located. Enabled with Arc or not.

    Replied by Corjan de Vos

    Onboard your server in Azure Arc, create an ESU license and assign it to the 2012 servers. After that, you will see the updates on the server

    Replied by Corjan de Vos

    Steven M. Salter, that preparation package is already a year part of the normal Cumulative Updates, so you don’t need to install that anymore. Or are you talking about the Azure Arc onboarding script?

    Replied by Steven M. Salter

    Corjan de Vos and install the ESU preparation package.

  5. Replied by Ronald Dewayne Montgomery

    We did IPUs for all site servers. Went smoothly. We spent the most time on backups and prep in case something went south.

    Replied by Karthi Jeeva

    We need to install the 2012 ESU Licence preparation package first. Then only monthly quality roll-up updates will come as required.
    Mainly your server should activated in Azure Arc ESU enabled

    Replied by Amit Jha

    Karthi Jeeva, even though servers are hosted on Azure and Arc is in place, do we need to install MSU?

    Replied by Keith Klockenga

    Amit Jha ESU. Extended Software Updates.

  6. Replied by Steven Hosking

    Or just do in-place upgrades to a supported server OS and, say, your company thousands of dollars

    Replied by Amit Jha

    Steven Hosking, this is hosted on Azure, so I believe it should get

    Replied by Steven Hosking

    Amit Jha I’m going to reinforce my statement, just do an in-place upgrade to a fully supported OS, will save your org money as it doesn’t need to be treated differently, and you’ll have a better support model when things go wrong

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