Microsoft Store For Business app showing as Install Pending


Created Store for business app and deployed to Windows 10 machines.

It was successfully installed. Deleted VM and created new VM.

Deleted previous assignment for Store for business app.

Created new required assignment targeted to new devices.

Now it is showing as install pending state.

Checked the event logs it is successfully communication with intune portal.

Please suggest.

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    Issue got resolved after installing company portal.

    Now all apps is getting installed those are targeted in required mode and also available in portal.

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    If it’s today, I could see some issues with Intune today. there are so much delay…

    The event log is the place you need to check for … to get more details about ..

    you might be able to see the policies related to that particular application in the event log…

    If it’s not there, then it means the Intune policy didn’t reach Windows 10 yet…

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