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In our environment we have enabled the sync between Microsoft Store for business and Intune.. When I add the app to single user or making private store availability as everyone the application is publishing to the users but if I keep the private store availability to specific group of people with an Ad group it’s not getting reflected


Any suggestions on what could be the issue

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    Hi Costin,

    Thanks for your response, As you mentioned exactly we cannot push the app from Business store and we can only make it assigned to the users which will make the user to go into the. Store app and download that application from there but there is a sync happening between the Intune and Business store where the application that we acquired from the business store gets synced to the client apps in Intune,Under there I have made the app as required to other Azure Ad group which has made the application to get that installed but at the same time I have given Other Azure Ad group in the Available option where that hasn’t worked(Users are unable to find the app in store)

    Yes I will try with installing Company portal and let you know

    Regarding the Ad groups,All the groups that I am using are the Azure Ad groups

    Regarding the Gpo policy,I don’t think there is any policy block because When I make the application required or available to everyone application is showing in the Store for the users

    Thanks Anoop for your suggestion as well, as mentioned I will try and will update and I think it could work as well


      One think I noticed with the last iteration (2004) of Intune: you may think that your Business store is synced and correctly replicating with Intune, but in fact it is not. To check if the synchronization is done properly and the connector is properly working in Intune, you can open the store from the web interface and see if the application you published is present (otherwise will fail)

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    Hi Anoop,

    unfortunately we don’t have the company protal installed in the machine as it’s Co managed machine where the machine will get Auto enrolled to Intune on the first logon

    We are leveraging the microsoft private store option to publish the Store for business applications and Sccm to deploy the Other Business applications

    Just To add on, I can see from Intune console like when I open the Device information Under Managed apps section I can see that application is stating that it’s available to Install

    • Yes, I think you need to try installing the company portal app as mandatory for all users if that is ok with you.

      – try using installing on one of the devices to test
      – or use to test


      I am just wondering something: you publish you application in the Microsoft Store (not the MS Business Store), right? That menas that this application cannot be assigned as “Required”, just ‘Available for Enrolled Devices”.
      If this is the case, the application will not be automatically installed, the user must go to MS Store (or better to Company Portal, as Anoop mentions) and install it from there. If you’re using the MS Business store, you can then assign that specific application as “Required” and it’ll be automatically installed on devices.
      Other topics to check:
      – you mentioned AD group assignment: are these groups synced to Azure AD?
      – do you have any on-prem setting (i.e. GPO) to disable the MS Store for users?


    Hi Anoop,

    Thanks for the response

    As we are pushing the app from Store for business, Application is not getting reflected in Microsoft Store application

    Yes I have made available of the application to an Azure Ad group

    Another thing to add on When I make the app as an required it’s getting installed but can’t see it in the store that application is installed but I can see from Programs and features that it’s installed

    When I make the available of an application it should ideally be reflecting in the Store application in client machine but it’s not happening if I make to specific Ad group instead it’s reflecting when I make available to everyone across the environment

    • Hello Suresh – I hope you are checking this application availability in the Company Portal application. I normally ask users to check the company portal instead of Microsoft store for business.

      I don’t think the assignment option from Microsoft Intune will take care of Microsoft store for business visibility settings.

  1. Hello – That is really strange issue. When you say it’s not getting reflected?

    – Does that mean it’s not reflecting on a client device Company portal?
    – The assignment is targeted to the Azure AD User group?
    – Have you tried to change that a mandatory application if it’s targeted as available?
    – What about the details you can in the Intune Troubleshooting blade?

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