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Is there any MS utility/tool to migrate packaged applications from SCCM  to Intune.

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  1. There is no Microsoft tool to perform the migration of SCCM applications to Intune. Most of the organizations are analyzing each application and checking whether all those applications in SCCM are still needed or those are legacy apps which are not in use etc…

    I think the above mentioned migration method is more cleaner method instead of migrating all the old stuff to Intune and create mess with Intune.

    However there are some community tools or scripts available to help here … but those are not end to end solution yet.

    You will need to convert all SCCM applications to Win32 IntuneWin format first and then create Intune apps

    1. Discover All SCCM Apps
    2. Export the Source Files of those apps
    3. Covert all those apps to IntuneWin format
    4. Create Intune apps

    More details about https://www.anoopcnair.com/intune-win32-app-deployment/

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