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Hi All,

So a very basic question; we have migrated to Azure and getting used to the differences in group policy, configuration policy etc..
I am struggling to find a way to natively deploy desktop shortcuts to all users via intune? Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Posted by Steven Williams in HTMD FB Group


Answers ( 2 )

  1. Replied by Papa Kash

    A simple script wrapped in Intune 32 apps will do that easily.

  2. Replied by Danny Chaplin

    Use Intune Win 32 to wrap the file into it, then place the shortcut on the desktop

    Replied by Steven Williams

    Danny Chaplin, gotcha, thanks

    Replied by Ola Holtberget

    Proactive remediation, PowerShell script to verify if shortcuts exist at regular intervals, download .ico and recreate if missing

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