MSI reinstallation issue using Intune ..


I have a msi and installed locally. After that I moved the Msi to another folder or deleted from the machine.

Then I deleted the main executable as well.

And now when I launch the application it’s actually looking for the msi to repair or self heal.

Do you have some solution for this issue?

This will typically happens with Intune deployment, where we add some active setup keys then it won’t happen.

Intune deletes the original source after installation.

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    I don’t think there is any resolution for this.

    Even if you use Intune LOB apps the files in Intune cache are short-lived so, you might need to repackage the app to get some logic around self-healing I feel.

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    There is a UserVoice item for the same

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    Why are you moving the msi and deleting the folder?

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