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Need information or documentation on the section of the windows 10 vpn profile area in endpoint manager named (apps and traffic rules). I see there is some very basic documentarion on this section. But it seems to require csv file uploads to configure properly with no template information or detailed instructions on how to actually configure this are of the profile. If any article or example csv tenplates that would be helpful.

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  1. It’s all there …so first of you need to have an understanding what are the basic communications of SCCM server and Client….

    It’s mostly
    and SUP ports


    I am looking for an article for intune perspective -vpn device configuration profile where in when we select ASSOCIATE APPS WITH THIS CONNECTION it tells to imoort a csv so I am looking an article related to that. The ms articles are no so helpful as not showing whats csv file should contains .i need an example of csv and an article for apps and trafiic rules for intune vpn profile.

  2. Are you looking for SCCM or Intune part of document?

    SCCM VPN slipt tunneling topics are covered previous in this forum.

    Have you checked

    Let us know whether this is helpful or not

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