Need info with Application Packaging technic (Microsoft Intune Vs VMware Workspace One UEM )


My org is doing POC for VMware Workspace One (Saas Enviroment) to replace current SCCM infra. From Packaging perspective we have to zip sources of application then upload over the cloud storage in VMware console.

Once application deployed to local client machine, it first download ZIP into specified cache folder like ccmcache over the internet then extract the same into same path then execution starts.

This process is time consuming also occupy disk space and VMware can not provide solution like directly extract sources into cache folder to minimize package installation time .

I am not Azure/ Intune specialist at the moment so can someone tell me if Microsoft follows the same technic (zip/unzip process over the internet) like VMware ?



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  1. I would prefer Intune over the Workspace only because of tighter integration with ConfigMgr. It also helps you to migrate the application in phase wise manner using the co-management option.

    However, there is no direct option to migrate SCCM packages or applications to Microsoft MEM Intune.

    You will need to convert all the SCCM applications to InutneWIn format before creating the apps in Intune.

    And there are some community tools to make this migration from SCCM to Intune easy.

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