New uninstall feature for win32 apps


Hi All,

Is anyone else seeing this with the new uninstall feature for win32 apps? i think it was just enabled on our tenant.
The app is installed in the system context
the uninstall commands I’m using are working from a terminal
can’t find anything in the logs.
It’s as if the portal can’t phone home to find the .intunewin for the uninstall operation.
I know this is a new feature etc., but it would be interesting to know if others are having the same issue.

Posted by Németh Gábor in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Jason Van Brandwyk

    Németh Gábor right! Why would Microsoft even bother releasing the feature with these kinds of limitations?

  2. Replied by Jimi McNear Jr.

    What does your uninstall command have filled in? Maybe it’s some bad syntax.

    Replied by Németh Gábor

    I highly doubt it, as it is just a simple test app to create a folder on install and delete it on uninstall. Works from a terminal. But regardless of this, getting the same issue with every other win32 app that we have, and since we use the same sources for installing and uninstalling command lines for sccm apps and intune win32 apps, I really doubt all my command lines have bad syntax.

    Replied by Németh Gábor

    LOL, the uninstall feature only works if the device has a primary user…. even for apps installed in the system context… why?

  3. Replied by Markus Tuomi

    Also worth mentioning is that the uninstall command actually downloads all app binaries before the app is uninstalled, which is a pretty stupid thing to do.

    Replied by Németh Gábor

    I like to have that as an option, but I agree this is quite dumb

    Replied by Rajesh Chandrasekaran

    Markus Tuomi, since the content in Memcache is deleted after installation, they have made the uninstall to download the content and delete the app, not every app can be removed from the app wiz. Cpl using the genomic command. For the software centre, app content is stored in ccmcache which is not the case for Intune

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