no app installed to open this while clicking on phone number from managed outlook in work profile


device is enrolled through android for work profile.

when we click on the phone number in managed outlook it does not redirect to native dialer app and it says that no app installed to open this.

tried deploying the dialer app in work profile as managed play store app, still the error remains the same.

also applied app protection policy >under telecommunication I  have selected any dialer app- still same issue

kindly please assist.

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    “It sounds like you’re dealing with a tricky issue on your work profile with managed Outlook. Technology can be a bit finicky sometimes, can’t it?
    Regarding the problem, it seems like you’ve already tried a few steps, but the error persists. That can be frustrating. “


    Yes so got to know that dialer app is not present in work profile (by design) or we can say by default.
    So we need to create a new enterprise system app with below details

    Name = phone
    Publisher = samsung
    Package name =

    This has resolved the issue

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