“no compliance policy have been assigned” iOS CP enrollment page error


1. default compliance policy is applied to “all users”
2. Users has ems licences
3. cp uninstall-install /device removal-readd from cp has already been performed

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  1. What is the default compliance policy?

    Have you checked the Troubleshooting blade to understand which compliance policy assigned? and which platform is selected for the default compliance policy (iOS is selected?)

    How to use Troubleshooting node from Intune https://www.anoopcnair.com/start-troubleshooting-intune-policy-deployment-issues/

    I think you might have configured the following:-

    Mark devices with no compliance policy assigned as (This setting determines how Intune treats devices that haven’t been assigned a device compliance policy. This setting has two values:)

    Not compliant: This security feature is on. Devices that haven’t received a device compliance policy are considered noncompliant.

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