Non-Compliance Issue on All Devices


Hi All,

I have the below issue on all devices and it’s the only thing that makes them non-compliant.
what could be the issue here and how to resolve it?
Posted by Phura Busakwe in HTMD FB Group
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    Replied by John Omar Pol

    Deploy a configuration policy that force the user to comply with your password complexity.


    For More Details New Platform SSO for macOS Devices in Microsoft Intune

    Replied by Paul Thomas

    What compliance settings do you have in the policy that’s not compliant?
    Have you checked how many devices using this policy are not compliant?
    Is the user account Entra only, or AD Synchronised to Entra?

    Replied by Paul Thomas

    There’s a view where you can see the breakdown of the settings in that policy and which specific setting they are not compliant on. Have you checked that?

    Replied by Ryan Matthew

    The problem is the device doesn’t meet the password complexity requirement. You should create a policy that forces a complex password that adheres to your compliance policy.

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