Not Able to deploy Company Portal App to my Hybrid Devices


In my environment, we have MECM running along with we have an Intune portal with MS E5 License from this month onwards we need to configure the Patch deployment, Software deployment and Windows Hello using Intune.

As we have the hybrid environment, AD connector is already configured all my devices which are physically joined with on prem AD is reflecting in my Intune console too.

Now the concern is my devices which are showing in the console is Showing as Intune managed workloads (Resource Access Profiles; Device Configuration; Compliance Policy; Endpoint Protection) and I have a doubt that the application deployment & patch will work on these devices, or we must do some configuration.

Or need to configure the workloads in MECM first then we can do.

Also, in my local GPO Microsoft Store is blocked but as per my knowledge we still can deploy “Company Portal” app using Intune.

Because from last 6 days I have deployed the Company portal application it shows Waiting for Install status inside the Managed app for my test device.

These are some configurations and if any proper guidance may be provided it will be helpful.




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  1. If the workloads for app and patching are not moved to Intune, it should work only with SCCM. And SCCM support for stored apps is already removed (?)

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