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Hi All, we are planning to manage O365 updates via intune..

Currently it is being managed via SCCM… We have disabled the respective GPOs and SCCM client agent setting to disable O365 updates via SCCM.

Configured intune profile to manage O365… Configured settings like Automatic Updates, Hide Option to Enable or disable Updates and Update Channel (Semi-Annual) as enabled.

We could see the policy is applied and under account option in word could see Automatic Updates is enabled… We left the device online for two days but office updates are not installed automatically… If we manually click “Update now” option in word it gets installed without any issue…

Could someone guide me on to fix this please ?

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    Did anyone has successfully tested the O365 updates deployment via Intune Administrative Template?

  1. Have you tried Administrative templates in Intune to configure Office 365 update? which Intune settings you are using here?

    FYI.. List of admin template setting available for now…


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      Thanks for the response Anoop…
      Yes I am using administrative Template in intune and Configured settings like
      Automatic Updates – enabled
      Hide Option to Enable or disable Updates to enabled
      Update Channel set to Semi-Annual


        Challenge is O365 updates are not installing automatically. If we manually triggering office gets updated with latest updates without any issues

        • I understand that the automatic update is not happening.

          But, one thing I shall check from MDM diag report is whether this policy is applied on the devices

          or there are any known issues with the Administrative template with Office 365 pro plus updates via Intune?


            Yes, we have validated the MDM diag report and the O365 policy is applied successfully and we can also see the registry entries as well under policymanager node.

            Not sure if this is causing issue, we have assigned this administative template profile to machines not users.

            Did anyone has successfully tested the O365 updates deployment via Intune Administrative Template?


            No, I have not tested the administrative templates from Intune for Office 365 updates.

            But I thought these updates are part of Office 365 app https://snipboard.io/whRjlT.jpg

            Or are we discussing monthly patches?

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