Once a machine is co-managed in Intune and SCCM Compliance changes


When Intune clients have the SCCM client installed the following fields in intune devices changes.

Before SCCM installation:

ManagedBy = Intune

Compliance = Compliant

After SCCM is installed

Managedby = Co-managed

Compliance = “See ConfigMgr”

Why would the SCCM installation replace compliance?  Is this normal or is there a particular policy to prevent the Compliance switching.



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    Confirmed after changing the Cloud Management workloads in SCCM

    Administration > Cloud Services > Co-Management > Right click Policy and changed the Compliance from Configuration Manager to Intune,

    This now shows correctly in Intune.

    Best answer

    I’ve just reviewed the Cloud Management Workloads in SCCM and configured to change Compliance policies to use Intune. Will advise if that makes the difference.

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