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Hi All,

I’m sure there is a way to do this, and I just haven’t found it yet.
I use 2 devices that are Intune managed and get a OneDrive for Business policy to move Known Folders. I don’t want the files from device A to be on device B, specifically the Desktop items. I don’t have the same apps installed on both devices, and I have a lot of “bad” shortcuts on my desktop due to this.
How can I use 1 account on 2 devices but don’t have Ondrive sync all files across both devices?

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  1. Replied by Magnus Pettersson

    Chris Newell If all other devices are NOT desktops, you could create a group for desktops and target the policy to that group and the other policy for all other devices

    Replied by John Cav

    What version of Office are you using?

    Replied by Chris Newell

    John Cav Intune deployed the latest version.

    Replied by John Cav

    Chris Newell monthly enterprise or current channel

  2. Replied by Ryan Matthew

    Exclude the device you don’t want to get the One Drive Policy.

    Replied by Chris Newell

    Ryan Matthew, good idea, but what if I do want the 2nd device to get a OneDrive policy, just not sync the desktop? I’m thinking a 2nd policy would be needed, but that would become tough to manage in a large environment.

    Replied by Ryan Matthew

    Chris Newell Then you will need to create a policy that does what you want and apply it to the devices you want to get those different settings.

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