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Hi All,

Does anyone of you know if there is any open-source device issue troubleshooting tool available in the market that can be used by our Onsite IT support team to Intune managed devices as they cannot have access to Intune Admin?

Posted by  Ya Khoda in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Ya Khoda

    Sanjay Mittal, I know, but here I am talking specifically about tools that can be used by our OSS team…

    Replied by Kovács Attila

    CMTrace for the logs can be useful.

    Replied by Ya Khoda

    Kovács Attila, where can I find it?

    Replied by Lasse Nicolaisen

    Ya, Khoda google it

  2. Replied by Jörgen Nilsson

    There is a great tool from Petri Paavola.
    You should, as Greg wrote, use RBAC to delegate permissions and use available uninstall on win32apps so they can reinstall apps when they troubleshoot

    Replied by Greg Gilbert

    Look at setting up access to the Intune console using RBAC roles to limit what they can do to what you want to allow.

    Replied by Sanjay Mittal

    You can write custom scripts to gather information or perform specific tasks on Windows devices. PowerShell itself isn’t open-source, the scripts you write can be.

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