Optimizing Cross-Tenant Synchronization Licensing for Guests and Members


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I am looking to turn on cross tenant synchronization. I figured out how to do it, but I cant figure out the licensing portion.
They say that 50,000 active guests are free, and it makes sense, but what if I want to bring users in as members, do we need to double license them on both tenants? We have a 60 day guest kick out policy on share point and would like to avoid bring acquisition in and having them get kicked out every 60 days, we can soften the policy, but I personally would like to keep it tight to 60 days as we have externals accessing internal data. How should we approach bringing people in as guests or as members with least cost possible?

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    Licensing only needs done on one tenant. If company A and company B do the B2B connections, each company would only need to license their own employees. The same would be true if you had prod, test, and dev tenants. Keep everyone licensed on prod only. There are other scenarios too. Are you looking for full integration for all members of each company, or just a group of people from each?

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