Package in Intune and distribute to windows computers.


Hi All,

Don´t know if you can help me. I hope so.
I have a program that I would like to make as a package in Intune and distribute to Windows computers.
I have the application both in .msi and .exe, but the tricky part is that I have a file that I would like to include somehow, but that file must be run AFTER the application has been installed, the folder hasn´t been created.
How do I do that?

Posted by Jacob Engelmann Olsen

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  1. Replied by Zaheen Memon

    You can use PSADT.…/using-psadt-with-win32-apps-in…/

    Replied by Michal Zobec

    You can use the PSAppDeploy Powershell Framework.

  2. Replied by Joe Terracciano

    Create an mst that adds the file or a PowerShell script that runs the msi and then copies the file

    Replied by Jacob Engelmann Olsen

    Thank you for the information

    Replied by Chris Brown

    PSADT can do this if you want a GUI or extra functionality built in.

    Replied by Heng Vongsovann

    Another solution is creating 2 intune packages and using the dependencies feature. In simple theory the file will be copied after msi/exe is installed

  3. Replied by John Bryntze

    Jacob Engelmann Olsen, I would add a
    Mkdir c:abcdata
    To be sure it is there
    Yes, Intune uses a detection method, so if the file isn’t there and you specified it.. then it should say fail

    Replied by Michal Zobec

    David Hastur Hornman, or useful is PSAppDeploy Powershell Framework.

    Replied by Darrell Shand

    Yep, ring a batch file or Powershell instead of the MSI or exe

    Replied by Jacob Engelmann Olsen

    So I still have to make a .intunewin file?

  4. Replied by David Hastur Hornman

    For simplicity, I would add the .exe or .msi in an intunewin together with the file and either use .cmd or .ps1 to start the installation, verify that the installation is done and the required folder is present, and then launch the added file within the same script

    Replied by John Bryntze

    David Hastur Hornman, I would recommend this approach also

    Replied by David Hastur Hornman

    Thank you. That´s also what I did
    I used the Intune tool to make the .intunewin file. In the directory was 2 files. An application.msi and an install.bat file. I chose the .bat file in the .intunewin creation task.
    The install.bat file:
    “%~dp0application.exe /VerySilent /SuppressMsgBoxes
    timeout 10
    copy “” c:abcdata /y
    I check for the file in the directory, and Intune says it´s installed okay. I don´t know how it can say it’s installed okay because the file I´m checking for in c:abcdata does not exist, even though that’s what it’s supposed to check for.

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