Patch management in a Co-Managed scenario


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Query regd. Patch management in a Co-managed environment (SCCM + Intune)

In a co-managed environment, is it possible that windows OS updates( Quality and Feature updates) are configured to receive from Intune and Third party application updates are configured to receive from SCCM ?

Can you please let me know


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    But what are those third-party updates you are talking about? Adobe Flash? = EoL.
    And yes if e.g. if you move Workload to Intune updates than your preciously MECM Office365 updates also goes to Intune-only



      Customer has PatchMyPC tool integrated with SCCM and they have a huge third party application catalog which they are managing(not sure of the exact product names, sry, no info with me on this). Now customer wants to know if they can move OS patch management workload to Intune and still be able to manage third party updates using ” PatchMyPC integrated with SCCM ”

      if I understand the below Microsoft correctly they are saying its possible
      Link to blog as below

      Can you please have a look again at the blog and suggest if my requirement is still possible


  1. I don’t think that is possible.

    Everything related to software update should be either from Intune or from sccm

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