permission issue Occurred while fetching Android Enrollment Configuration Settings 


Why am I getting this error? Plz, advise. An error occurred while fetching Android enrollment configuration settings

Posted by Shyno Kim in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Shyno Kim
    Btw thanks,
    It worked for me to apply “Intune administrator” role on the user account. I will definitely go to ask for help in the future from u guys.
    Thanks a lot for your valuable information

    Replied by Shantanu Rane
    Permission issue. Make sure you PIM’d up.

    Replied by Salah Bens
    Restore authority to intune

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    Replied by Tarun Thareja
    It’s a permission issue

    Replied by Ingo Flink
    Did it work before? Got this issue yesterday with an existing tenant. Waited a day and it was gone

    Replied by Ingo Flink
    Shyno Kim’s first step in any Intune issue is to check the tenant’s health. After one day it will be ok


    Replied by Dilan Nanayakkara
    check whether you set MDM authority, correct permissions, or a proper Intune license has been enabled.

    Replied by Hugo Pereira

    Replied by Shyno Kim
    I applied policies on the enrolled system through autopilot successfully. Today I checked, it is not working and getting this error.

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