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Can anyone help me with policy for IOS App protection that helps a group of users to allow cut copy paste from external applications like  whatsapp (Unmanaged) to managed applications like teams and vice versa!!

Posted by Vyas Pirangi in HTMD FB Group

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    More detailes Use MTD to Protect iOS and Android Devices with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

    Replied by Justin Cochran

    There is a setting in your APP called “Restrict cut, copy, and paste between other apps” Set that to “Any App”
    There is an additional setting as well called “Send org data to other apps”, Set that to the correct setting. If you want data to be able to flow between Managed and Unmanaged you would need to set that to All Apps.
    Setting it to all apps basically makes an APP useless as managed data is no longer restricted to Managed Apps. If you are managing the entire device this may not be of concern.

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