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Hi All,

Recently I have applied an App Protection Policy for Outlook on an iOS device. But when I want to copy a phone number and save it to contact, it shows that the phone number is cooperate’s data and cannot be pasted. Meanwhile, in the policy, I have chosen those settings.
But when I opened my personal email without Policy, I could save new contacts on the app.
Please take a look at those pictures, and any ideas will be helpful.
Thank you, guys,

Posted by Minh Quang in HTMD FB Group


Answers ( 2 )

  1. Replied by Rajesh Kumar

    Minh Quang, yes.. you can not because you have applied the DLP to your app protection policy

  2. Replied by Rajesh Kumar

    If you restrict Cut copy-paste, then it won’t allow you to copy and paste any content into personal apps

    Replied by Minh Quang

    As you can see, contact is an add-in app in Outlook

    Replied by Minh Quang

    Rajesh Kumarbut I couldn’t copy from outlook to it as well

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