Possible GPO conflict with AD on-prem/Intune settings



Is there any way to understand if the Intune managed workstation is getting GPO setting through AD GPO or Intune Policy ?

I am not sure the order of precedence and on-prem/In tune seems conflict to be isolate. Please help with the clarification to verify.

Intune compliance policy setting is only moniter the configurations not act as prevention ?  Is my understanding corrent ?

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  1. There is no easy way but you can RSOP.MSC to check the Group Policy details.
    You can get Intune settings details from MDM Diagnostic Data -> https://www.anoopcnair.com/mdm-diagnostics-tool-windows-autopilot/ and https://www.anoopcnair.com/collect-intune-logs-from-mem-portal-diagnostic/

    You need to manually fix the conflicts if there are any between GPO and Intune settings. or sometimes MDM overrides GP policy helps but, not for all the scenarios.
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