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Hi All,

Is it possible to map a drive?
I am going to set up a trial set of laptops for staff so they are fully cloud-based and not bound to AD.
Currently have a hybrid setup, but going to try autopilot etc.
In a scenario where a laptop comes on-site (but not bound to AD) – is there a way to deploy a mapped drive? (Or I could teach them manually to map a drive when they come on-site)
Is there a quick way to wipe an AD/Hybrid device (windows 10) and have it pop up as AAD only? (upgraded to Win11)

Or I could wipe and install win11 – just a longer method, I’m sure, then manually join to AAD (or learn the autopilot method)

Posted by Christian Jackson in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Hasan Feroz

    You can get in touch, and we can explore the option together

    Replied by Sanjay Mittal

    write is PS script

  2. Replied by Bob Jackson

    PS Script is seemingly the viable path. Once the script works, smush it into an exe wired to be invisible and by running that, you avoid the pop-ups.

    Replied by Billy Cross

    1. Not in the traditional sense. Look into making those drives as a SharePoint or Teams site.
    2. Autopilot is a great choice and probably the easiest

    Replied by Christian Jackson

    Thanks – the mapped drive is to connect to resources on the onprem server. The likes of a s drive for staff resources, p drive for public etc., ideally moving away from onprem need – but just want to give users a chance to map to the onprem when they do come on site.

  3. Replied by Jonathan Gledhill

    You can mount a hosted file share with a Powershell script if you so want.

    Replied by Magnus Pettersson

    The above works.
    But I would go for this one
    Easy to use and easily controlled/changed once you remove something

    Replied by SebRi Noor

    I have the same issue with number 1, we have a Synology NAS with shared maps, only PC’s who are local AD joined have access to it, but not PCs (only AADs) ,

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